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MPT Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet

Fast, Affordable and Reliable Internet Service for households & SOHO

The Advantages of MPT Dome Pyan

Existing Customers

Existing Customers who would like to take VOIP Service (Unlimited Call).
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Available Areas of MPT Dome Pyan

*Service availability will be based on the feasibility check of the location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet?

Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet is the great offer of MPT FTTH. MPT is upgrading FTTH speed, starting from 17th of June 2019. All MPT FTTH subscribers can enjoy the double speed without changing any prices in Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet.

2. What is different from ADSL?

• ADSL service is with copper cable access while FTTH is with optical fiber access.
• Optical fiber access can provide a more stable internet connection than copper cable. (For example, during the rain, an internet connection will be more stable with optical fiber)

3. What is Dome Pyan Plan?

Monthly Fees Fiber Internet Benefits for each MPT Mobile
(Up to 3 Mobile Numbers)
39,000Kyats 20Mbps 1GB
100Mins (On-Net)
Unlimited SMS(On-Net)
69,000Kyats 50Mbps 2GB
100Mins (On-Net)
Unlimited SMS(On-Net)
109,000Kyats 100Mbps 3GB
200Mins (On-Net)
Unlimited SMS(On-Net)

4. What are the benefits of upgrading speed?

Not only new FTTH customers but also existing FTTH customers can enjoy the double speed without changing any monthly fees and any installation fees.

5. What will happen to customer who applied to MPT FTTH before Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet launch?

Current 10Mbps,25Mbps, and 50Mbps customers will be automatically migrated to Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet (20Mbps,50Mbps, and 100Mbps) without application and additional fees. Monthly fees and Bundle Benefits to Mobile Number will not change.

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